Friday, November 30, 2007


Finally made it !
Thank you Google. Thank you Tity and thank you Shubhendu. As you can see, I'm here and posting. Don't know how long i'll keep you smilin though :) (i've got a blog of my own now, u see :P )

Coming back to cats. I love 'em. and justifiably, my first post is about them. I'd been telling Tity the other day.. I had a chance to see the "waking up" routine of a cat. If you haven't seen it, its strongly recommended that you do. Cats don't wake up with a jerk, unless you happen to trample on them or shoot their eardrums out of their heads. The way they open their eyes... taking in everything one at a time.. then the stretching and arching of the body.. I tell you, looking at her felt so good that I was wondering what it would feel actually doing it. Then came the cleaning routine and they do things in such a way, as if to say there is no tomorrow. And after finishing off the contents of her plate, off she went to the great outdoors.. smelling the grass on the lawn, looking up at the sky and trees (and in all probability, pondering on the possibility of an avian mid-morning snack)... before she disappeared behind the bush, chasing an imaginary prey.
Most of what I want to convey, you must have already guessed, and since you must have read/heard bout all that, I won't test your patience any more than is necessary. Just this, that actually being able to see and "feel" it was different.

I, for one, have decided to dump things (aka work) wen i know its time.. I've got a life with you people, and u guys out there, be prepared for my early visits (and if you intend to hit the pot, leave the front door open, and, o btw, i don't like butter on my bread !).


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, the world where you can be absolutely yourself whilst providing a window to friends - known, unknown - to know more about my giant teddy bear. :)

- tity

veeranjan said...

i am very happy by reading your first post.It is more interesting...